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You belong in Longmont for for many reasons. For some, belonging to this community means that you enjoy the close knit communities we have to offer, the old world sense of "neighbors can be your closest friends". Many of our neighborhoods have a deep history of community and therefore are the go to places for kids to play with each other or for adults to gather on a porch and talk the evening away. Fox Hill, Old Town, and Prospect come to mind here. For others, it is Longmonts connection and support for the arts. Be it Music, Photography, Painting, Fabricating and even our ever popular spray painting artists that dress up old buildings, parts of downtown and more. Longmont has a rich history of theater, music and arts that is still very alive today as seen in our summer "Art Walks" held every other week in our historic downtown district. Others tend to be attracted to our ever popular outdoor activities, nestled at the base of the Rocky Mountains Longmont is a fantastic hub for quick access to hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking, fishing, boating, running, camping and so much more. Our trail system for instance is like no other, allowing you to walk, ride or run from the easternmost parts of the town, all the way to the town of Boulder. Boulder County and Longmont are very supportive of cyclists, runners, and other outdoor enthusiasts. Let us not forget price....Longmont is also a wonderful option for those looking to be close to the mountains, but live much more modestly with an average home price significantly less than that of our neighboring city of Boulder.
Longmont encountered a terrible flood in the fall of 2011. To find out about it and how it effected our town please click here

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Real Estate and Homes in Longmont Colorado

Real estate prices vary greatly by style and location. While Longmont does offer smaller single family homes starting in the low $100,000 range, typical move-in ready homes sized for a family of 4 start closer to $200,000. See the list below for starting prices in Longmont.

  • Single Family Homes - Staring at $100,000
  • Condos - Starting at $60,000
  • Townhomes - Starting at $125,000
  • Patio Homes - Starting at $225,000
  • Age Restricted - Starting at $250,000
  • Farm and Ranch - Starting at $300,000
  • Vacant Land - Starting at $60,000

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Longmont Colorado Demographics

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    • Population (2012): 88,670 and growing (US Census)
    • Area: 26.19 square miles (US Census)
    • Elevation: 4,984 feet
    • Median Household Income: $57,142 (US Census)
    • Density: 3,294.4 persons per square mile (US Census)
    • Counties: Boulder, Weld
    • Property Taxes: Approximately $570 per $100,000 in value (Average of entire county; Rate will vary city by city and based on the current mill rate)
    • Sales Tax Rate: 8.075% (sale-tax.com)
    • School District: St. Vrain School District

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Longmont Commuting

  • Hwy 119, Hwy 52, Hwy 66, I-25.
  • RTD

Average commute times by car to:

  • Denver (Downtown) 60 minutes
  • Boulder 25 minutes
  • Westminster 35 minutes
  • Ft. Collins 45 minutes

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