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Real Estate and Homes in Gunbarrel Colorado

Real estate prices vary greatly by style and location. While Gunbarrel does offer smaller single family homes starting in the low $200,000 range, typical move-in ready homes sized for a family of 4 start closer to $350,000. See the list below for starting prices in Gunbarrel.

  • Single Family Homes - Staring at $200,000
  • Condos - Starting at $130,000
  • Townhomes - Starting at $320,000
  • Patio Homes - Starting at $500,000
  • Vacant Land - Starting at $850,000

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Gunbarrel Colorado Demographics

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    • Population (2000): 9,263 and growing (US Census)
    • Area: 6.24 square miles (US Census)
    • Elevation: 5,282 feet
    • Median Household Income: $75,922 (US Census)
    • Density: 1,483.5 persons per square mile (US Census)
    • Counties: Boulder
    • Property Taxes: Approximately $570 per $100,000 in value (Average of entire county; Rate will vary city by city and based on the current mill rate)
    • Sales Tax Rate: 4.800% (

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Boulder Valley School District

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Gunbarrel is accessible by the following major highways: Hwy 36, Hwy 93, Hwy 119, Hwy 52, and Hwy 7.

The public transit system near Gunbarrel, operated by RTD offers several in-town and regional bus lines for easy access through town and into surrounding communities.
Nearby Boulder is very Cyclist friendly, with hundreds of miles of bicycle-pedestrian paths, lanes, and routes that interconnect to create a vast network for human powered travel available for year-round use. There is also a bike sharing program with stations located throughout the city operated by B-cycle bike-sharing.

The nearby City of Boulder owns a small Municipal Airport used exclusively for general aviation, used primarily by single-engine airplanes and gliders.

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