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Boulder, Colorado is located in an iconic setting in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Boulder Valley. Founded in the 1860’s during the gold rush, Boulder has evolved into one of the most culturally diverse cities in the U.S.
Boulder’s commitment to higher education, modern arts, intellectual diversity, and spiritual freedom is attractive to big thinkers, big businesses, and it comes with a big price tag. Boulder offers a real estate market that is as diverse as its culture with truly unique and interesting lifestyle amenities. If you’re looking for an amazing place to study, work, play, and experience life; Boulder, Colorado may be the place for you.

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Note about housing prices in Boulder: Boulder has a permanently affordable housing program. Properties in this program are listed at substantially reduced price points as compared to typical listings and come with buyer restrictions and title restrictions. For more information about the affordable housing program in Boulder please click here. Please be aware that these homes are mixed into the standard inventory and may be difficult to spot at first glance. We recommend that you read the property description carefully and if you have any questions about whether or not a particular property is in the permanently affordable program please make sure to contact us.

Typical real estate prices for Detached Single Family Homes start in the low $300,000’s for properties located in the foothills and rural mountain areas of Boulder. Single family homes that are move-in ready and in town start right around $400,000.

Prices for Attached Housing such as Condos, Lofts, and Townhomes in Boulder start in the low $100,000’s

Vacant Land in the foothills and rural mountain areas of Boulder start in the low $50,000’s.

Vacant Land located inside the City limits and throughout Boulder Valley start around $450,000.

Most properties located in Boulder zip codes: 80301, 80303, 80304, 80305 are going to be within City limits. Zip code 80302 is mostly rural Boulder and there are a small number of properties in this zip code that are within City limits.

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Boulder Colorado Demographics

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    • Population (2012): 101,808 and growing (US Census)
    • Area: 24.66 square miles (US Census)
    • Elevation: 5,420 feet
    • Median Household Income: $56,206 (US Census)
    • Density: 3,948.3 persons per square mile (US Census)
    • Counties: Broomfield
    • Property Taxes: Approximately $730 per $100,000 in value (Average of entire county; Rate will vary city by city and based on the current mill rate)
    • Sales Tax Rate: 8.105% (sale-tax.com)
    • School District: Boulder Valley

Boulder Local Government

Boulder Colorado Schools

Primary and secondary public education for grades K-12 are served by the Boulder Valley School District. For a list of schools and school boundaries please visit www.bvsd.org or click here to locate schools by grade levels. Independently chartered public schools and links to their websites will be included on the district website. To locate a Boulder Valley School by property address please click here.

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Boulder Commuting

Boulder is accessible by the following major highways: Hwy 36, Hwy 93, Hwy 119, Hwy 52, and Hwy 7.
The public transit system in Boulder, operated by RTD offers several in-town and regional bus lines for easy access through town and into surrounding communities.
Boulder is very Cyclist friendly, with hundreds of miles of bicycle-pedestrian paths, lanes, and routes that interconnect to create a vast network for human powered travel available for year-round use. There is also a bike sharing program with stations located throughout the city operated by B-cycle bike-sharing.
The City of Boulder owns a small Municipal Airport used exclusively for general aviation, used primarily by single-engine airplanes and gliders.

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